The Complete Night Stalkers Main Flight

The Complete Night Stalkers Main Flight

All 11 novels of the 5D and 5E in 1 set!

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About the Book

The Complete Night Stalkers Main Flight includes all of the adventures of both the original 5th Battalion D Company novels and the follow-on series of the 5th Battalion E Company. The latter were originally separated because the 5D’s romantic adventures were traditionally published and the 5E’s were available directly from the author. Finally they are offered in a single set as originally intended.

  • The Night Is Mine – The novel that launched it all, featuring Emily Beale, Mark Henderson, and introducing Michael Gibson.
  • I Own the Dawn – When a strategist officer falls for a tactical gunner, the sparks fly.
  • Wait Until Dark – The two best helicopter mechanics in the Army go head to head.
  • Take Over at Midnight – When a wild-card female pilot takes command, all bets are off.
  • Light Up the Night – A fiery redhead flies like unstoppable force, until she runs square into an immovable Navy SEAL.
  • Bring On the Dusk – The best warrior of the silent Delta Force finally meets his match, and it almost kills them both.
  • By Break of Day – When a Texas cowboy faces down a Brooklyn-cop flier, can he stay in the saddle or will he be thrown.
  • Target of the Heart – Founding a new company is a problem, surviving a stealth mission deep into a foreign land is a problem times ten.
  • Target Lock On Love – Taking out a Russian drone factory, without the Russians knowing, makes all prior missions look easy.
  • Target of Mine – Honduras is the most lethal country in the world, maybe it’s time for a change…Night Stalker style.
  • Target of One’s Own – When a fashion-friendly drone pilot and a SEAL team leader take on the Dakar Rally car race, they’ll either catch their man or get buried trying.

Eleven great love stories set in the action-adventure of the Night Stalkers world.

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