Swap Out!

Swap Out!
Series: Dead Chef, Jeff the Chef Novels, Book 1
Genre: Political Technothriller
Tag: Novel
Publication Year: 2011
ASIN: B005380YSW
ISBN: 9781490992938

BEFORE THERE WAS KATE STARK, there was "Jeff the Chef." U.S. Special Forces are executing the nation's top television chefs. Only one man knows why, and he's next.

About the Book

-a Dead Chef foodie thriller-


Jeff the Chef faced a simple challenge:
Sauté! Smile! Die!

U.S. Special Forces are “taking down” television’s culinary superstars.

Someone watched the pot?
Cried over spilt milk?
Cooked the goose but not the gander??

Only Jeff the Chef knows, and he’s next!

His recipe for survival:
Step 1. Finding the woman who refused him years ago
Step 2. Boarding the nastiest helicopter that was “never built”
Step 3. Descending into a renovated missile silo that “doesn’t exist”
Step 4…

To survive is gonna take one hell of a Swap Out!


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