South Pole Peaches & Cream

South Pole Peaches & Cream

The most remote flight of them all, farther than the Space Station? The South Pole.

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About the Book

Felisha Cole has been living on ‘The Ice’ for the last four years. Memories of her life before Antarctica are stretching gossamer thin. Supply flights can reach the South Pole only three months a year. The New York Air National Guard flies in summer scientists, supplies, and the all-important fuel to run the generators that power the entire South Pole station.

Flight Engineer Steve Mason hits The Ice for the first time as his unique, Hercules “Skibird” proves it can deliver to the coldest and most remote place on Earth.

When the fading memory of her beloved Georgia peaches meet up with his Yankee sense of wonder, there’s no predicting what their dreams can become together.

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