Romance SuperPack

Romance SuperPack

Ten novels launch ten series. One great collection.

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About the Book

10 Books for <$10 – FULL RETAIL:  $49.99  

2,000 pages of glorious romance and adventure! 

10 Fantastic Romance Novels – every one launches a new series, but every one can be read alone. (no weird cliffhangers at the ends)

Come fly with the best military helicopter pilots, smokejumpers, and White House Secret Service dogs.

Come stroll the beaches of the Oregon Coast, Seattle’s Pike Place Market, or travel to the English countryside.

Find one you love? Grab the complete series.

  • Return to Eagle Cove (small-town Oregon)
  • Christmas at Henderson’s Ranch (Montana’s Big Sky)
  • Heart of the Cotswolds (Love Abroad B&B)
  • Where Dreams Are Born (Seattle’s Pike Place Market)
  • Target Lock on Love (secret helicopters)
  • Christmas at Steel Beach (aboard a helicopter landing ship)
  • Daniel’s Christmas (White House holidays)
  • Wildfire at Dawn (Firehawks smokejumpers)
  • At the Quietest Sound (Shadow Force PSI)
  • Off the Leash (White House Protection Force)

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