Reaching Out at Henderson’s Ranch

Reaching Out at Henderson’s Ranch
Series: Henderson's Ranch, Henderson's Ranch Stories, Book 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tag: Short Story
ASIN: 0692692223
ISBN: 9780692692226

An injured Navy SEAL, a military war dog…puppy, and a time to face the future under the Montana Big Sky.

About the Book

A puppy at a snowed-in Montana ranch reminds a wounded Navy SEAL war dog handler that he has a purpose in life.

A Navy SEAL without an arm is as useful as…

Stan Corman hates waking up each morning to discover he’s lost an arm, his war dog, his teammates, and his calling. The only thing worse? Going to sleep to face the nightmare of that single, life-changing moment.

Mark Henderson sends Stan to his family horse ranch beneath Montana’s Big Sky. Not one shard of hope remains until Bertram, a Malinois puppy left on his doorstep, has different ideas about Reaching Out at Henderson’s Ranch.

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