Monk’s Maze

Monk’s Maze
Series: Single Titles, Single Novels, Book 0
Genres: Fantasy, SF&F
Tag: Novel
Publication Year: 2010
ISBN: 9780615985480

The Age of Technology fried (shorted out) in a single night. At the end of the Second Dark Ages, a lone Highland woman holds the power to shape the path of the future, recover what was lost, or follow the Druid's path.

About the Book

A Second Dark Ages Fantasy
The Second Dark Ages ends.
The power of the Maze awaits.

The island of Iona, Scotland

The Age of Technology died here in a single cataclysmic night. Now at the end of the Second Dark Ages, a lone monk arrives bearing a perilous legacy. He bears a gift. A gift of power over the past and the future. Of power over THE MONK’S MAZE.

Meaghan Taylor stands guard here. She never wanted to change the world. Yet she is given the key to choosing the future course of humanity, if she can survive the political intrigues about her. Meanwhile, the labyrinth awaits.


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