A lead NTSB investigator—trapped between a stealth drone and a hard crash.

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A supersonic drone flies Black Ops missions from the most secure hangar in the nation.

A C-130 Hercules transport plane lies shattered in the heart of America’s Top Secret military airbase — Groom Lake in the Nevada Test and Training Range.

China’s newest stealth J-31 jet fighter goes missing.

The CIA, the military, and the National Reconnaissance Office are all locked in a power struggle.

One woman is trapped in the middle. Miranda Chase, lead crash investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board, becomes a pawn in a very dangerous game.

Burdened with a new team, she must connect the pieces to stay alive. And she must do it before the wreckage of her past crashes down upon her.

Series: NTSB, Miranda Chase, Book 1
Genre: Thriller
Tag: Novel
ISBN: 9781949825466
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