By Break of Day

By Break of Day
Series: The Night Stalkers, The Night Stalkers Main Flight novels (complete), Book 7
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Tag: Novel
ASIN: 1492619167
ISBN: 9781492619161

Starting the Chinook Trilogy, Captains of the Night Stalkers biggest helicopter and smallest drone have nothing in common, which makes them perfect for each other!

About the Book
-a  Night Stalkers romance-
NAME:  Kara Moretti
RANK:   Captain fo the Army’s stealthiest remote piloted aircraft (Don’t call it a drone!)
MISSION: To be the eyes of the teamNAME:   Justin “The Cowboy” Roberts
RANK:    Captain of the Army’s most power helicopter
MISSION: To redeem the past, at any costTHEY PUT LIFE, LIMB, AND HEART ON THE LINE
Two new captains join the Night Stalkers with two different strategies in life, love, and combat. When Brooklyn-raised Kara joins the crew, she know one this as an absolute truth: to stay safe, keep everything and everyone at a distance. Born in Texas, Justin know only one honorable way to make up for losing his first crew to a suicide bomber: he flies with all his heart.

When Kara and Justin collide on a secret mission deep in the Israeli desert, then the battle truly begins.

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