Full Throttle Creativity

I recently spent a lovely conversation with Kerry Schafer discussing creativity for her podcast on that topic. She named our talk “Full Throttle Creativity” which I really like and may have to steal.

Anyway, it should make a fun listen as it was definitely a fun talk!

https://www.writeattheedge.com/blog/https/writeattheedge/embrace-your-full-throttle-creative-life (many additional links there to your favorite caster)

Thanks again, Kerry!


Night Stalkers 5E #1 on sale: Just 4 more days

Yep! The first book, Target of the Heart, is on a $0.99 sale for the first time ever. Grab it now!

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I’m funning in a cool thriller promo as well! (Yep! Funning!)

Enter for a chance to win all 30 thrillers and maybe even an e-reader!

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I should also mention that I frequently publish in two magazines!

Boundary Shock Quarterly: Fantastic Speculative Fiction

Don’t miss my, and many other great stories!

Pulphouse: Back after 20 years. Journey into the Unexpected!

Character Voice, especially for writers

New Release!

Character voice: THE essential element in captivating readers by creating unique and memorable characters. Here’s a craft book packed solid with tools dedicated to finding your characters’ voices.

I took my first writing course in 1995. I learned many lessons in that year long class. At different times I’ve thought that different topics of that and subsequent classes were the most important takeaway.

Now, 150+ titles later, I know that the single most important thing I learned was that there was such a thing as “Character Voice.” It is what differentiates our characters and brings them to life on the page.

Since that first class I’ve taken many other courses on a wide variety of related topics and read numerous volumes. In all that time, I’ve never found a practical technique book. So I developed a master class and began teaching this for writers in 2015. I’ve presented this class to hundreds of professionals since and learned a great deal along the way.

Do you want your characters to have exciting, vibrant, and (most importantly) memorable voices? I’ve gathered the best tips I could find in my new book. I hope it helps you find your character’s voice!

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