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The listing below is in absolute publishing chronological order.  If you ever wonder which book to read before another, follow the chronological order. “Prequels” (such as Beale’s Hawk Down  and The Heart of the Storm) are providing backstories to popular characters or storylines, and are best read in publication order. Click on the column header “Series” to see the titles in series order.

  • (*) = Audio version available
  • Each title may be read as a stand-alone.
  • Published by Buchman Bookworks, Inc. unless otherwise noted
  • “Ides” column is the year the short story was included in an Ides of Matt collection
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Read (Pub Date)Title/LinkSeries (click to sort by)
___ 1997/10Cookbook From Hell (see 2013/07)(STNV01)-Single Title Novel
___ 2000/01The Dalari Accord (out of print)(STNV02)-Single Title Novel
___ 2010/12Monk's Maze(STNV03)-Single Title Novel
___ 2011/05Nara (STNV04)-Single Title Novel
___ 2011/05Swap Out! (out of print)(DC00)-Dead Chef (Jeff)
___ 2011/11Where Dreams Are Born(WD01)-Where Dreams
___ 2012/02The Night Is Mine(NS01)-The Night Stalkers
___ 2012/08I Own the Dawn(NS02)-The Night Stalkers
___ 2012/11Daniel's Christmas (*)(NSWH01)-The Night Stalkers White House
___ 2013/02Wait Until Dark(NS03)-The Night Stalkers
___ 2013/04Where Dreams Reside(WD02)-Where Dreams
___ 2013/05Frank's Independence Day (*)(NSWH02)-The Night Stalkers White House
___ 2013/05Inside the Sphere (*)(SFRS01)-Science Fiction Romance Stories
___ 2013/07Cookbook from Hell: Reheated(DA01)-Deities Anonymous
___ 2013/07Saviors 101(DA02)-Deities Anonymous
___ 2013/07the Royale Project (*)(SFRS02)-Science Fiction Romance Stories
___ 2013/07Relive the Day! (*)(SFRS03)-Science Fiction Romance Stories
___ 2013/09Peter's Christmas (*)(NSWH03)-The Night Stalkers White House
___ 2013/10Where Dreams Are of Christmas (*)(WD03)-Where Dreams
___ 2013/12Take Over at Midnight(NS04)-The Night Stalkers
___ 2014/01The Night Stalkers Special Features(NSZZ01)-The Night Stalkers
___ 2014/01Managing Your Inner Artist / Writer(SFS01)-Strategies for Success
___ 2014/02Ghost of Willow's Past (*)(NSSS01)-The Night Stalkers Story
___ 2014/03Where Dreams Unfold(WD04)-Where Dreams
___ 2014/03Where Dreams Are Written(WD05)-Where Dreams
___ 2014/05Pure Heat(FH01)-Firehawks
___ 2014/05Wildfire at Dawn(FHSJ01)-Firehawks Smokejumpers
___ 2014/07One Chef!(DC02)-Dead Chef
___ 2014/07The Sword of Io(NSFN01)-The Future Night Stalkers
___ 2014/07Hitomi's Path(STSS05)-Single Title Story
___ 2014/08Looking for the Fire(FHLO01)-Firehawks Lookouts Story
___ 2014/09Light Up the Night(NS05)-The Night Stalkers
___ 2014/09Man the Guns, My Mate(NSSS02)-The Night Stalkers Story
___ 2014/10Where Dreams Taste Like Chocolate(WDSS01)-Where Dreams Story
___ 2014/11Two Chef!(DC03)-Dead Chef
___ 2014/11Christmas at Steel Beach(NSNV01)-The Night Stalkers and the Navy
___ 2014/11Fire Light Fire Bright(FHHS01)-Firehawks Hotshots Story
___ 2014/12Full Blaze(FH02)-Firehawks
___ 2014/12Firelights of Christmas(FHHS02)-Firehawks Hotshots Story
___ 2014/12Androcles the Christmas Lion(STSS06)-Single Title Story
___ 2015/01Iced Chef!(DCSS01)-Dead Chef Story
___ 2015/02Wildfire at Larch Creek(FHSJ02)-Firehawks Smokejumpers
___ 2015/02Heart of the Storm(NSSS03)-The Night Stalkers Story
___ 2015/03Bring on the Dusk(NS06)-The Night Stalkers
___ 2015/03Target of the Heart(NS5E01)-The Night Stalkers 5E
___ 2015/03Beale's Hawk Down(NSSS04)-The Night Stalkers Story
___ 2015/04Gas Grilled Chef!(DCSS02)-Dead Chef Story
___ 2015/05Fire at Gray Wolf Lookout(FHLO02)-Firehawks Lookouts Story
___ 2015/05Way of the Warrior: NSDQ(NSCS01)-The Night Stalkers CSAR
___ 2015/06Wildfire on the Skagit(FHSJ03)-Firehawks Smokejumpers
___ 2015/06Dawn Flight(NSCS02)-The Night Stalkers CSAR
___ 2015/07Night Rescue(NSFN02)-The Future Night Stalkers
___ 2015/08Hot Point (*)(FH03)-Firehawks
___ 2015/08Blaze Atop Swallow Hill Lookout(FHLO03)-Firehawks Lookouts Story
___ 2015/09Flight to Fight(NSSS05)-The Night Stalkers Story
___ 2015/09Where Dreams Are Sewn(WDSS02)-Where Dreams Story
___ 2015/10The Ides of Matt 2104(ID01)-The Ides of Matt
___ 2015/10Target Lock on Love(NS5E02)-The Night Stalkers 5E
___ 2015/10Christmas At Henderson's Ranch (*)(HR01)-Henderson's Ranch
___ 2015/11Wildfire Smokejumpers Trilogy(FHSJC)-Firehawks Smokejumpers
___ 2015/11Christmas at Peleliu Cove(NSNV02)-The Night Stalkers and the Navy
___ 2015/11Fire Light Cabin Bright(FHHS03)-Firehawks Hotshots Story
___ 2015/12Target Engaged (*)(DF01)-Delta Force
___ 2015/12Zachary's Christmas (*)(NSWH04)-The Night Stalkers White House
___ 2015/12Where Dreams Are Well Done(WDSS03)-Where Dreams Story
___ 2016/01Lightning Strike to the Heart(DFSS01)-Delta Force Story
___ 2016/02By Break of Day(NS07)-The Night Stalkers
___ 2016/02Summer of Fire and Heart(FHLO04)-Firehawks Lookouts Story
___ 2016/02Road to the Fire's Heart(FHHS04)-Firehawks Hotshots Story
___ 2016/03Return to Eagle Cove(EC01)-Eagle Cove
___ 2016/03For Her Dark Eyes Only(DFSS02)-Delta Force Story
___ 2016/04Recipe for Eagle Cove(EC02)-Eagle Cove
___ 2016/04Reaching Out At Henderson's Ranch (*)(HR02)-Henderson's Ranch
___ 2016/05Flash of Fire(FH04)-Firehawks
___ 2016/05Second Chance Rescue(NSFN03)-The Future Night Stalkers
___ 2016/06Roy's Independence Day (*)(NSWH05)-The Night Stalkers White House
___ 2016/06Her Silent Heart and the Open Sky(DFSS03)-Delta Force Story
___ 2016/07Longing for Eagle Cove(EC03)-Eagle Cove
___ 2016/07Lost Love Found in Eagle Cove(EC05)-Eagle Cove Story
___ 2016/08Heart Strike(DF02)-Delta Force
___ 2016/08Love Behind the Lines(NS5ESS01)-The Night Stalkers 5E Story
___ 2016/08The Me and Elsie Chronicles (and Jen too)(STNV05)-Single Title Novel
___ 2016/08Keepsake for Eagle Cove(EC04)-Eagle Cove
___ 2016/09Night and Day(NSCS03)-The Night Stalkers CSAR
___ 2016/09NSDQ(NSCS01)-The Night Stalkers CSAR
___ 2016/09The Ides of Matt 2015(ID02)-The Ides of Matt
___ 2016/09The Complete Eagle Cove(ECC)-Eagle Cove
___ 2016/10What the Heart Holds Safe(DFSS04)-Delta Force Story
___ 2016/11Together atop Sapphire Lookout(FHLO05)-Firehawks Lookouts Story
___ 2016/11Damien's Christmas (*)(NSWH06)-The Night Stalkers White House
___ 2016/12A Hotshot Christmas(FHHS05)-Firehawks Hotshots Story
___ 2016/12Wild Fire(FH05)-Firehawks
___ 2017/01Love's Second Chance(DFSS05)-
Delta Force Story
___ 2017/01Target of Mine(NS5E03)-The Night Stalkers 5E
___ 2017/02Heart's Refuge(NSFN04)-The Future Night Stalkers
___ 2017/02Circle 'Round(NSSS06)-The Night Stalkers Story
___ 2017/03Guardian of the Heart(NSCS04)-The Night Stalkers CSAR
___ 2017/03The Ides of Matt-2016(ID03)-The Ides of Matt
___ 2017/03Nathan's Big Sky (*)(HR03)-Henderson's Ranc
___ 2017/03Welcome at Henderson's Ranch (*)(HR04)-Henderson's Ranch
___ 2017/04Flying Over the Waves(NS5ESS02)-The Night Stalkers 5E Story
___ 2017/05Sound of Her Warrior Heart(DFSS06)-Delta Force Story
___ 2017/06Heart of the Cotswolds: England(LA01)-Love Abroad B&B
___ 2017/06Since the First Day(NS5ESS03)-The Night Stalkers 5E Story
___ 2017/07Estate Planning for Authors (*)(SFS02)-Strategies for Success
___ 2017/07Love in A Copper Light(NSCS05)-The Night Stalkers CSAR
___ 2017/07The Gods Are Out Inn(DASS01)-Deities Anonymous Story
___ 2017/08Her Heart and the "Friend" Command (*)(DFSS07)-Delta Force Story
___ 2017/09Emily's Wedding(NSWD01)-The Night Stalkers Wedding Story
___ 2017/09First Day, Every Day(NSSS07)-The Night Stalkers Story
___ 2017/10Love in the Drop Zone(DFSS08)-Delta Force Story
___ 2017/10Wild Justice (*)(DF03)-Delta Force
___ 2017/11Delta Mission: Operation Rudolph(DFSS09)-Delta Force Story
___ 2017/11Kee's Wedding(NSWD02)-The Night Stalkers Wedding Story
___ 2017/11Big Sky, Loyal Heart (*)(HR05)-Henderson's Ranch
___ 2017/12The Christmas Lights Objective(NS5ESS04)-The Night Stalkers 5E Story
___ 2018/01They'd Most Certainly Be Flying(OFB01)-Oregon Firebirds Story
___ 2018/01Off the Leash (*)(WHPF01)-White House Protection Force
___ 2018/02For All Their Days(OFB02)-Oregon Firebirds Story
___ 2018/02On Your Mark (*)(WHPF02)-White House Protection Force
___ 2018/02The Ides of Matt 2017(ID04)-The Ides of Matt
___ 2018/03When They Just Know(OFB03)-Oregon Firebirds Story
___ 2018/04They Both Hold the Truth(OFB04)-Oregon Firebirds Story
___ 2018/04Cops and Fathers(STSS07)-Lanalee Patterson Story
___ 2018/04Path of Love: Cinque Terre, Italy(LA02)-Love Abroad B&B
___ 2018/05Twice the Heat(OFB05)-Oregon Firebirds Story
___ 2018/06Finding Henderson's Ranch (*)(HR06)-Henderson's Ranch
___ 2018/07Play the Right Cards(DFSS10)-Delta Force Story
___ 2018/07In the Weeds (*)(WHPF03)-White House Protection Force
___ 2018/08Connie's Wedding(NSWD03)-The Night Stalkers Wedding Story
___ 2018/09Sergeant George and the Dragoon(NS5ESS05)-The Night Stalkers 5E Story
___ 2018/10Just Shy of a Dream(NSCS06)-The Night Stalkers CSAR
___ 2018/10Midnight Trust(DF04)-Delta Force
___ 2018/11The Sixth Choice(STSS08)-YA Coming of Age
___ 2018/12Emily's Christmas Gift (*)(HR07)-Henderson's Ranch (*)
___ 2018/12Dilya's Christmas Challenge(WHPFSS01)-White House Protection Force Short Stories
___ 2019/01Mirror Moon Light, Mirror Moon Bright(NSFN05)-The Future Night Stalkers
___ 2019/01Target of One's Own(NS5E04)-The Night Stalkers 5E
___ 2019/02Crossing the Bar(USCG01)-US Coast Guard Short Stories
___2019/03They Taught Us Wrong(NSFN06)-The Future Night Stalkers
___2019/03The Ides of Matt 2018(ID05)-The Ides of Matt
___2019/03Big Sky Dog Whisperer (*)(HR08)-Henderson's Ranc
___2019/04Character Vocie(SFS03)-Strategies for Success
___2019/04Flying Beyond the Bar(USCG02)-US Coast Guard Short Stories
___2019/05Christmas Cookied Chef!(DCSS03)-Dead Chef Short Stories
___2019/05Twelve Tales of Christmas(SSC01)-Short Story Collection
___2019/09At the Slightest Sound (*)(SFP01)-Shadow Force: Psi
___2019/09At the Quietest Word (*)(SFP02)-Shadow Force: Psi
___2019/09Between Shadow and Soul(WHPFSS02)-White House Protection Force Short Stories
___2019/09Narrate and Record Your Own Audiobook (*)(SFS04)-Strategies for Success
___2019/10Flying Above the Hindu Kush(NSSS08)-The Night Stalkers Story
___2019/10Mid-Life Crisis on Wheels(STNV06)-Single Title Novels
___2019/11Crossing the River(SFRS04)-Science Fiction Romance Stories
___2019/11Drone (*)(MC01)-Miranda Chase thrillers
___2019/12Thunderbolt (*)(MC02)-Miranda Chase thrillers
___2019/12Dreams of Crystal(SFRS05)-Science Fiction Romance Stories
___2019/12Christmas Over the Bar(USCG03)-US Coast Guard Short Stories
___2020/01Sweet Tooth(NSSS09)-The Night Stalkers Story
___2020/01The Complete Hotshots(FHHS06)-Firehawks Hotshots Stories
___2020/02Carrying the Heart's Load(DFSS11)-Delta Foce
___2020/02The Complete Fire Lookouts(FHLO06)-Firehawks Lookouts Stories
___2020/03Condor (*)(MC03)-Miranda Chase thrillers
___2020/03Cave Rescue Romance(USCG04)-US Coast Guard Short Stories
___2020/04Lifeboat Love(USCG05)-US Coast Guard Short Stories
___ 2020/04The Complete Night Stalkers White House: Books 1-6(NSWHC3)The Night Stalkers White House
___ 2020/04The Complete Firebirds(OFB03)-Oregon Firebirds Story
___ 2020/04The Complete Night Stalkers 5E(NS5E05)-The Night Stalkers 5E
___ 2020/04The Complete Where Dreams(WD09)-Where Dreams
___ 2020/04The Complete Henderson's Ranch(HR09)-Henderson's Ranch
___2020/05Team Black Sheep(NSCS07)-The Night Stalkers CSAR
___2020/05The Complete Night Stalkers 5E Storeis(NS5ESS06)-The Night Stalkers 5E Story
___2020/06Ghostrider (*)(MC04)-Miranda Chase thrillers
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