M. L. Buchman

The Ides of Matt – 2016

Keepsake for Eagle Cove (sweet)

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Keepsake for Eagle Cove (sweet)
Kee’s Wedding
Finding Henderson’s Ranch
Twelve Tales of Christmas
Dawn Flight
Lightning Strike to the Heart
Night and Day
Love in the Drop Zone
Lost Love Found in Eagle Cove (sweet)
Delta Mission: Operation Rudolph
In the Weeds
At the Slightest Sound (Part 1/3)
Androcles the Christmas Lion: Betsy
Wildfire on the Skagit
Flash of Fire
The Complete Where Dreams
Guardian of the Heart
The Complete Where Dreams -Volume 1 of 2 (sweet) (print)
Big Sky, Loyal Heart
Play the Right Cards
At the Slightest Sound (Part 2/3)
Night Rescue
The Night Stalkers White House: Books 4-6
What the Heart Holds Safe
Welcome at Henderson’s Ranch
The Complete Where Dreams -Vol 2 (sweet) (print)

Big Sky, Loyal Heart (sweet)

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Big Sky, Loyal Heart (sweet)
Connie’s Wedding
Target Engaged
Road to the Fire’s Heart
Wild Fire
Flying Over the Waves
Christmas at Henderson’s Ranch (sweet)
The Christmas Lights Objective
Sergeant George and the Dragoon
Sound of Her Warrior Heart
Blaze Atop Swallow Hill Lookout
Summer of Fire and Heart