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Action-Adventure / Thrillers

Miranda Chase

The autistic plane-crash investigator fighting battles she can’t understand, which no one else can win.

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Miranda Chase short stories

Military Romantic Suspense (the Emily Beale Universe core)

The Night Stalkers

The woman who was so good that they couldn’t keep her out of the top-secret helicopter regiment.

Coming 2023

The Night Stalkers Holidays

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The Night Stalkers short stories

The Night Stalkers CSAR short stories

Combat Search and Rescue, the most dangerous mission of all.


When the firefight isn’t only in the forest, these specialists fly to the rescue.

Coming 2023

Firehawks Smokejumpers

Delta Force

When no one can know they were there, send in Delta Force…if the team can survive each other.

Delta Force short stories

Military Romantic Suspense (More EBU)

Henderson’s Ranch

White House Protection Force

The Secret Service dogs who save the day, and help their “masters” discover their hearts.

White House Protection Force short stories

Shadowforce: Psi

When the first paranormal soldiers pull together, everything lands on the line.

Contemporary Romance

Where Dreams

Seattle’s Pike Place Market, where hopes that were never dreamed can come true.

Non-fiction and Other

Strategies for Success

Antarctic Ice Fliers

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