• Osprey Action-adventure technothriller

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USA Today Bestseller M. L. Buchman
Zammi was never much of a lap cat.

M. L. “Matt” Buchman revels in writing tales of strong women in every walk of life. From Miranda Chase, his autistic plane-crash-investigator, to Emily Beale, the woman who was so good that she broke the gender barrier flying secret military helicopters.

“Tom Clancy fans open to a strong female heroine will clamor for more!” – Publishers Weekly
“3x Top 10 of the Year” – Booklist
Amazon #1 and USA Today Bestseller

He can solo sail a 50′ boat, has ridden his bicycle around the world on his own, and also flown and jumped out of planes. “It’s awesome what you can do with a degree in geophysics.” He’s been a full-time writer for over a decade!

More at: About the Author

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