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2021 Abounds With Joy!

(More about the header above and the great deal it is, awaits down below.)

First, a look at 2020

My favorite road placard of the year was: “2020 OMG! Please Make It Stop!” And, because you can’t stop time outside of a good science fiction story, it finally is gone into the past and we can look ahead.

But, I personally had a very fun time writing during the “Shut-in Year.”

Miranda Had a Great Year!

[mybooktable series=”miranda-1st-quartet” gridview=”true” header=”hidden”]

[mybooktable series=”miranda-chase-audio” gridview=”true” header=”hidden”]

Miranda Stories too!

[mybooktable series=”miranda-chase-origin-stories” gridview=”true” header=”hidden”]

[mybooktable series=”miranda-chase-origin-stories-audio” gridview=”true” header=”hidden”]

Shadow Force: Psi rocked it in romantic suspense

[mybooktable series=”shadow-force-psi” gridview=”true” header=”hidden”]

[mybooktable series=”shadowforce-psi-audio” gridview=”true” header=”hidden”]

My usual baker’s dozen of short stories appeared

[mybooktable series=”short-stories-2021″ gridview=”true” header=”hidden”]

And collections abounded! Both stories…

[mybooktable tag=”story-coll” gridview=”true” header=”hidden”]

And novels.

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So, loyal fans, what can we expect for 2021?

4 new Miranda Chase titles. You can pre-order these now. (hint, hint)

[mybooktable series=”miranda-second-quartet” gridview=”true” header=”hidden”]

Short Stories: Another baker’s dozen, of course!

Romantic Suspense: I’m working on a new trilogy that, if all goes well, will release in time for next Christmas.

Audio will abound! (I’m looking into translations, too!)

And to kick off the New Year?

Super-cool very-limited-time collection.

(In other words, the price goes up to $9.99 next week.)

Valentine's day cupid collection



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