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Free Fiction on the 14th: Her Heart and the “Friend” Command

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Her Heart and the “Friend” Command

Her Heart and the “Friend” Command
The dogs are back! And this time the military war dogs are getting down with Delta Force.
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About the Book

-a Delta Force romance story-

Military War Dog handler Liza Minot finally lands her big chance. A Delta Force mission requires her and Sergey’s specialty—tracking explosives.

When assigned to Master Sergeant Garret Conway’s squad, her past confronts her. Back in high school days, he ran over her first dog. Rex’s old age and failing health made it a cruelty or a mercy—she still can’t decide which. However, Conway the boy and Conway the man are two very different problems.

Only with her war dog’s help can they both break free of their past to track down Her Heart and the “Friend” Command.

Series: Delta Force, Delta Force Stories, Book 7
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Tag: Short Story
ISBN: 9781945740329
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AWESOME! SF Bundle & Hot New Pre-order

Miracles do happen. The Nara Reaction was just included in a limited-time bundle with some of the best SF authors working today.

If you were ever curious about my first real love story, this is it: The Nara Reaction. I started out to be a science fiction/fantasy writer. Then, shortly before I started this book, I read my first romance ever (actually my first couple dozen) because of chance (fate?) making my first-ever writing conference be Romance Writers of America National. I came away with a desperate desire to write romance.

Fair Warning: The Nara Reaction isn’t a romance. But it is SF/SRE (science fiction with strong romantic elements)–that’s industry speak for SF with a big love story down the center of it. It would take me another try before I wrote my first two romances which became: Where Dreams Are Born and The Night is Mine.

But if you want to see how I got there, and read some fantastic SF along the way, grab this bundle before it goes away.

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Strategies For Success #2

Estate Planning for Authors: Your Final Letter (and why you need to write it now)

Your will says who gets what.

Your Final Letter tells your heirs what to do with it once they’ve inherited it.

This is an essential guide to making sure that your legacy doesn’t die with you. Based on presentations to hundreds of authors (and the “Final Letter” that I wrote for my own family after a year of research). This book explains in clear, simple English (not publish-ese) how to best prepare your estate and your heirs for the best possible future.

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A Contest and A Coup!

A Contest and a Coup!

Put the Thill(er) Back In Politics!


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Ten great political thrillers from such masters of the craft as Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Allen Drury, Nick Harlow, and more (including ME! )

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