Sweet Books

These “Sweet Versions” are the exact same stories as the original, with no foul language and the bedroom door—even when there isn’t one—tastefully closed.

Eagle Cove (contemporary romance)

Novels and Short Stories

Eagle Cove - sweet

Eagle Cove lies hidden in the heart of the Oregon Coast. It’s the land of seagulls and sand pipers, of microbrewers and music, of judges who run diners and women who rebuild classic airplanes. Living alone deep in the woods here barely counts as being eccentric. Come enjoy the charm and romance—in a place like no other.
(This series is now complete!)

Henderson’s Ranch (contemporary romance)

Novels and Short Stories

Henderson's Ranch - sweet

Majors Mark Henderson and Emily Beale flew for the U.S. Army Night Stalkers and later for the heli-aviation wildland firefighters in Firehawks. Now come to Mark’s family ranch under Montana’s Big Sky and visit a land of romance, of new beginnings, and of some of the most beautiful country in the world.


Where Dreams (contemporary romance)

Novels and Short Stories

Note: “The Complete” print version was too thick, so it is available as a 2-volume set.