Full Throttle Creativity

I recently spent a lovely conversation with Kerry Schafer discussing creativity for her podcast on that topic. She named our talk “Full Throttle Creativity” which I really like and may have to steal.

Anyway, it should make a fun listen as it was definitely a fun talk!

https://www.writeattheedge.com/blog/https/writeattheedge/embrace-your-full-throttle-creative-life (many additional links there to your favorite caster)

Thanks again, Kerry!


Ever wonder how audiobooks are made?

I blogged the technical side of that today on that topic over at: https://blog.findawayvoices.com/what-ive-learned-from-recording-25-of-my-own-audiobooks/
BTW, did you know that I have 25 audiobooks and I’m adding more all the time? http://www.mlbuchman.com/audio/
SUPER TIP: Best prices are at Kobo, Nook, and Google Play. (All that I control the price of are under $10, even the big novels.)

Estate Planning and More: with Joanna Penn

I recently had the honor (and let’s be serious, total fun) of talking with Joanna Penn about:

    • Estate Planning
    • my own theory of “The Reader Clock”
    • what comes next in e-book sales
    • Being a male romance writer
    • …and much more

Seriously, it was a blast of a talk and hopefully it will be a fun podcast!

Estate Planning For Authors With M.L Buchman

Or you can just jump straight into the book!

Estate Planning for Authors: Your Final Letter (and why you need to write it now)

Estate Planning for Authors: Your Final Letter (and why you need to write it now)

You created a valuable block of Intellectual Property. Fantastic! Now you must tell your heirs the ways they can manage it while you still can.

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Facebook Fan Page created!

Yes! He’s finally done it!

To join the fun, just click on:

What will you find there? Well, we’re just starting out, so not much.

However, it will soon have:

  • Exclusive content
  • Exclusive news
  • Sneak peaks
  • Behind the scenes extras
  • Sale announcements
  • Live updates
  • Coolio research factoids (probably shout outs for research help on others)
  • Chances to interact more easily with the author (and each other)
  • Quizzes that may affect future writing projects
  • Prizes for naming characters?
  • Who knows!

Come join the fun!