Estate Planning and More: with Joanna Penn

I recently had the honor (and let’s be serious, total fun) of talking with Joanna Penn about:

    • Estate Planning
    • my own theory of “The Reader Clock”
    • what comes next in e-book sales
    • Being a male romance writer
    • …and much more

Seriously, it was a blast of a talk and hopefully it will be a fun podcast!

Estate Planning For Authors With M.L Buchman

Or you can just jump straight into the book!

Estate Planning for Authors: Your Final Letter (and why you need to write it now)

Estate Planning for Authors: Your Final Letter (and why you need to write it now)

You created a valuable block of Intellectual Property. Fantastic! Now you must tell your heirs the ways they can manage it while you still can.

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Facebook Fan Page created!

Yes! He’s finally done it!

To join the fun, just click on:

What will you find there? Well, we’re just starting out, so not much.

However, it will soon have:

  • Exclusive content
  • Exclusive news
  • Sneak peaks
  • Behind the scenes extras
  • Sale announcements
  • Live updates
  • Coolio research factoids (probably shout outs for research help on others)
  • Chances to interact more easily with the author (and each other)
  • Quizzes that may affect future writing projects
  • Prizes for naming characters?
  • Who knows!

Come join the fun!

2x Top 101 Romances of the Last Decade

Two of my titles have been included in:
Booklists’ Top 101 Romances of the Last Ten Years!

The Night Is Mine

The Night Is Mine

The first woman to fly for the U.S. Army's real-life secret helicopter regiment... and the man she deserves! Captain Emily Beale lays her own life on the line, and that of her commander, to protect the President, no matter the cost to their hearts. "Top 10 Romance 2012" -Booklist

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Hot Point

Hot Point

Series: Audio, Firehawks - audio, Book 3
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Tag: Novel


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