Big Launch Day

Shadow Force: Psi #1 & #2

Yes, it’s time for them to come out of the shadows.

At the Slightest Sound
Serialized over the summer, it’s now out as a complete volume.

At the Quietest Word
Their adventure continues as Ricardo and Michelle must brave such exotic locales as: a ranch in Montana (hint, hint) and a lethal mission into the Honduran jungles.

With a little help from our old Henderson’s Ranch pals, Shadow Force: Psi is finally getting their feet under them—though their thoughts and their hearts are running away from them.

Want to take a trip abroad?

Well, a reading trip at least?

Heart of the Cotswolds

Go grab a whole collection, including the #1 title in my Love Abroad B&B series. Free! Limited time offer.

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And don’t miss the sequel…

And for my fellow audio-loving author geeks:

Christmas in time for summer! (New Release)

Sometimes I just can’t help myself!

Summer is coming…definitely time for a Christmas collection.
Twelve Tales of Christmas

Twelve Tales of Christmas

Twelve Tales of Christmas cheer, joy, romance, and other reasons to smile.

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Character Voice, especially for writers

New Release!

Character voice: THE essential element in captivating readers by creating unique and memorable characters. Here’s a craft book packed solid with tools dedicated to finding your characters’ voices.

I took my first writing course in 1995. I learned many lessons in that year long class. At different times I’ve thought that different topics of that and subsequent classes were the most important takeaway.

Now, 150+ titles later, I know that the single most important thing I learned was that there was such a thing as “Character Voice.” It is what differentiates our characters and brings them to life on the page.

Since that first class I’ve taken many other courses on a wide variety of related topics and read numerous volumes. In all that time, I’ve never found a practical technique book. So I developed a master class and began teaching this for writers in 2015. I’ve presented this class to hundreds of professionals since and learned a great deal along the way.

Do you want your characters to have exciting, vibrant, and (most importantly) memorable voices? I’ve gathered the best tips I could find in my new book. I hope it helps you find your character’s voice!

Character Voice: Creating Unique and Memorable Characters

Character Voice: Creating Unique and Memorable Characters

Character lies at the core of every story. How to make them distinct and unforgettable, that’s the challenge that faces every writer. Here are some answers.

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About the Book

Character drives story—any story, any genre. Imagine 2001: A Space Odyssey without HAL, Tolkien without Gandalf, or Ian Fleming without James Bond. A great character can’t save a bad book, but the best writing in the world won’t survive a weak one.

For over 25 years, M.L. has been studying Character Voice. This book collects what he has learned so far. A set of practical tools that work for any genre and any writing style. He also discusses how to evaluate which will work for you.

Do these tools guarantee flawless characters? If only. Are they essential to create a character who will keep your readers awake all night? Absolutely! Every author uses them in some form. In this book M.L.  Buchman makes them understandable and accessible.

Series: Strategies for Success, Book 3
Genre: Non-fiction
Tag: Non-fiction
ISBN: 9781949825268
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For the love of dogs!

Yes, I’ve been a cat person for years. It’s hard to tuck a dog into an insanely busy life, whereas a cat (other than when they sit on my keyboard) can make a cozy existence with a writer: napping on manuscripts, tripping you on the way to the bathroom at night, and making very happy noises with the simple application of a few pets and a string toy (oh, and a can of cat food).

However, I grew up with dogs and every now and then they just leap forth and beg to be included in my life once more. Thankfully, as a writer, I can find ways to do that without actually getting a dog again. (At least not for now.)

And that’s what just happened.

The final story of the Henderson’s Ranch series just had to lead me back to where I’d started. In the second story (Reaching Out at Henderson’s Ranch), injured SEAL Stan Corman falls for…a dog. A war dog handler, who lost his future as a SEAL along with his furry, explosives-sniffing companion to a bomb in Afghanistan, is licking his wounds when a Malinois puppy saves his life.

Personally, I thought that he was going to find true love in Big Sky, Loyal Heart. But alas for poor Stan, Rip the dog was unable to win him Lauren’s heart—leading her to fall for a cowboy instead.

Now, three years after Bertram the puppy saved his life, it’s time to send his dogs to the wars that he can no longer fight. But the arrival of a female dog handler and her own war dog, suffering from PTSD, gives him a challenge (and a true love) of his very own.

love writing about the dogs. I’m sure there will be more of them in my future tales. But the series that began with Mark Henderson and Emily Beale arriving for Christmas at Henderson’s Ranchhas now found it’s final happy ever after in:

Big Sky Dog Whisperer

Big Sky Dog Whisperer

Two military dog handlers retired. One to New York, one to Montana’s Big Sky. Now their war dogs must bring them together.

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