Where Dreams Are of Christmas (sweet)

Where Dreams Are of Christmas (sweet)
Series: Where Dreams, Where Dreams - sweet, Book 3
Genres: Clean & Wholesome, Contemporary Romance
Tags: Christmas and Holidays, Novel
ISBN: 9781945740428

Maria Amelia Avico Parrano. Beloved by: her son, his restaurant staff, and the people drawn to her love of life and Italian pastries in the heart of Seattle’s Pike Place Market. It is all she ever needed, until she meets a man who offers so much more this Christmas season. (also in audio)

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About the Book

-a Where Dreams romance-

This “Sweet Version” is the exact same story as the original, with no foul language and the bedroom door—even when there isn’t one—tastefully closed.

(formerly: Maria’s Christmas Table)

A foodie Christmas romance in Seattle! The best time for two hearts to awaken to life’s possibilities!

Maria Amelia Avico Parrano, a woman beloved by all. Her love of life and her Italian pastries draw many to Seattle’s Pike Place Market. After years of warming the hearts of others, Maria wants to cook up a little heat for herself. Until she meets a man who offers far more.

Hogan Stanford watches the world pass by far below, from his condo at the edge of the Market. The merest glimpse of Maria lures him back to life again. Her dazzling light promises much more to be gained than he ever imagined. He offers his heart.

Now Maria must decide what she truly wishes, as her beloved Christmas season approaches.

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