The Complete Where Dreams -Vol 2 (sweet) (print)

The Complete Where Dreams -Vol 2 (sweet) (print)
Series: Where Dreams, Where Dreams - sweet, Book 11
Genres: Clean & Wholesome, Contemporary Romance
Tag: Bundle
ASIN: 1945740493
ISBN: 9781945740497

(PRINT ONLY!) Perrin, Melanie, and more also each have their own story of finding true friends and true love in Seattle's Pike Place Market. (Look for "The Complete" e-book.)

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About the Book

These “Sweet Versions” are the exact same stories as the original, with no foul language and the bedroom door—even when there isn’t one—tastefully closed.

-a Where Dreams romance collection-
The love and laughs continue as a group of girlfriends grows in the heart of Seattle’s Pike Place Market!

#4: Where Dreams Unfold
Perrin and Bill, a brilliant fashion designer and a single dad-opera manager, one doesn’t believe in love for herself and the other doesn’t believe it can ever happen again. But when she is hired to design the costumes for a brand new opera, they have a whole new story to live.

#5: Where Dreams Are Written
Melanie and Josh, a supermodel and a frustrated novelist, both land in Seattle after losing their most precious belongings, their dreams. Only together can they write their own true love story.

And three more charming short stories that tell the tales of  love at Perrin’s Glorious Garb and Angelo’s Tuscan Hearth.

Come travel through the Pacific Northwest by sail, ferry, fashion, and flavor. Discover Seattle, Pike Place Market, and the many paths of the heart as it finds true friendship and true love.

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