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First Day, Every Day

First Day, Every Day

Helicopter pilot Amy Patterson’s first day on the job…sucks! Shot down. Wounded. On the run. It must get better—fast! More info →



New Series! The Night Stalkers Weddings: Emily!

A Journey Back In Time!

Five years ago, M. L. Buchman’s Night Stalkers took flight. A brand new series takes you back to the most challenging missions of those times…the weddings!

And just as Major Emily Beale became the first woman to fly for the Night Stalkers, she and Major Mark Henderson are the first ones to brave the altar in this brilliant story.

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Emily’s Wedding

Emily’s Wedding
Emily Beale’s wedding should have been simple. No crashing helicopters on the agenda. No surprise attacks. But they’d be the least of her problems today.
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About the Book

-a Night Stalkers Wedding story-

Shortly after Night Stalkers #1, The Night Is Mine…

Major Emily Beale of the US Army’s Night Stalkers helicopter regiment found true love and the wedding looms imminent. But an emotional firestorm aims her toward a hard landing.

Major Mark Henderson knows she’s the woman of his dreams, but he never considered that an aerial battle in the Hindu Kush ranked as a lower hazard mission than reaching the altar intact.

When her long-time friend the President decides to help, none of them may survive Emily’s Wedding.

Series: The Night Stalkers, The Night Stalkers Wedding Stories, Book 1
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
Tag: Short Story
ISBN: 9781945740572
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