Complete Bibliography

The listing below is in absolute publishing chronological order.  If you ever wonder which book to read before another, follow the order below. Prequels are providing backstories to popular characters or storylines and are best read in publication order.

  • Each title may be read as a stand-alone.
  • Reprints are noted in “Prev. Pub” column. They were previously published in magazines, anthologies, etc.
  • Published by Buchman Bookworks, Inc. unless otherwise noted
  • “Ides” column is the year the short story was included in the Ides of Matt collection
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Pub DateTitleSeriesSub-seriesNumAudioIn Ides of MattPrev Pub
______1997/10Cookbook From Hell
______2000/01The Dalari Accord
______2010/12Monk's Maze
______2011/05Swap Out!Dead Cheff1
______2011/11Where Dreams Are BornAngelo's Hearth1
______2012/02The Night Is MineThe Night StalkersMain Flight1
______2012/08I Own the DawnThe Night StalkersMain Flight2
______2012/11Daniel's ChristmasThe Night StalkersWhite House1Y
______2013/02Wait Until DarkThe Night StalkersMain Flight3
______2013/04Where Dreams ResideAngelo's Hearth2
______2013/05Frank's Independence DayThe Night StalkersWhite House2Y
______2013/05Inside the SphereY2014
______2013/05Solar Stupid -3 little tales of loveY2014
______2013/07Cookbook from Hell: ReheatedDeities Anonymous1
______2013/07Saviors 101Deities Anonymous1
______2013/07the Royale ProjectY
______2013/07Relive the Day!Y2014
______2013/09Peter's ChristmasThe Night StalkersWhite House3Y
______2013/10Maria's Christmas TableAngelo's Hearth3Y
______2013/10Christmas Ghosts:Ghosts of Willow's PastThe Night Stalkers
______2013/12Take Over at MidnightThe Night StalkersMain Flight4
______2014/01The Night Stalkers Special FeaturesThe Night Stalkers
______2014/01Managing Your Inner Artist / Writer
______2014/02Ghost of Willow's PastThe Night Stalkersshort story1Y2014Y
______2014/03Night Stalkers White House: Books 1-3The Night Stalkers
______2014/03Where Dreams UnfoldAngelo's Hearth4
______2014/03Where Dreams Are WrittenAngelo's Hearth5
______2014/04Moonscapes: Moon Shine2014
______2014/05Pure HeatFirehawksMain Flight1
______2014/05Wildfire at DawnFirehawksSmokejumpers1
______2014/07One Chef!Dead Cheff2
______2014/07The Sword of IoThe Night StalkersFuture NS12014
______2014/07Hitomi's Path2014
______2014/08Looking for the FireFirehawksLookouts12014
______2014/09Light Up the NightThe Night StalkersMain Flight5
______2014/09Man the Guns, My MateThe Night Stalkersshort story22014
______2014/10Where Dreams Taste Like ChocolateAngelo's Hearth62014
______2014/11Two Chef!Dead Cheff3
______2014/11Christmas at Steel BeachThe Night Stalkersand the Navy1
______2014/11Fire Light Fire BrightFirehawksHotshots12014
______2014/12Full BlazeFirehawksMain Flight2
______2014/12Where Dreams: Books 1-3Angelo's Hearth
______2014/12Where Dreams: Books 4-5Angelo's Hearth
______2014/12Firelights of ChristmasFirehawksHotshots22014
______2014/12Androcles the Christmas Lion2014
______2015/01Iced Chef!Dead Cheff42015
______2015/02Wildfire at Larch CreekFirehawksSmokejumpers2
______2015/02Heart of the StormThe Night Stalkersshort story32015
______2015/03Bring on the DuskThe Night StalkersMain Flight6
______2015/03Target of the HeartThe Night Stalkers5E1
______2015/03Beale's Hawk DownThe Night Stalkersshort story42015
______2015/04Gas Grilled Chef!Dead Cheff52015
______2015/05Fire at Gray Wolf LookoutFirehawksLookouts22015
______2015/05Way of the Warrior: NSDQThe Night StalkersCSAR1
______2015/06Wildfire on the SkagitFirehawksSmokejumpers3
______2015/06Dawn FlightThe Night StalkersCSAR22015
______2015/07Night RescueThe Night StalkersFuture NS22015
______2015/08Hot PointFirehawksMain Flight3Y
______2015/08Blaze Atop Swallow Hill LookoutFirehawksLookouts32015
______2015/09Flight to FightThe Night Stalkersshort story52015
______2015/09Where Dreams Are SewnAngelo's Hearth72015
______2015/10The Ides of Matt 2104Ides of Matt1
______2015/10Target Lock on LoveThe Night Stalkers5E2
______2015/10Christmas At Henderson's RanchHenderson's Ranch12015
______2015/11Wildfire Smokejumpers TrilogyFirehawksSmokejumpers
______2015/11Christmas at Peleliu CoveThe Night Stalkersand the Navy2
______2015/11Fire Light Cabin BrightFirehawksHotshots32015
______2015/12Target EngagedDelta Force1Y
______2015/12Zachary's ChristmasThe Night StalkersWhite House4
______2015/12Where Dreams Are Well DoneAngelo's Hearth82015
______2016/01Lightning Strike to the HeartDelta Forceshort stories12016
______2016/02By Break of DayThe Night StalkersMain Flight7
______2016/02Summer of Fire and HeartFirehawksLookouts42016
______2016/02Road to the Fire's HeartFirehawksHotshots42016
______2016/03Return to Eagle CoveEagle Cove1
______2016/03For Her Dark Eyes OnlyDelta Forceshort stories22016
______2016/04Recipe for Eagle CoveEagle Cove2
______2016/04Reaching Out At Henderson's RanchHenderson's Ranch22016
______2016/05Flash of FireFirehawksMain Flight4
______2016/05Second Chance RescueThe Night StalkersFuture NS32016
______2016/06Roy's Independence DayThe Night StalkersWhite House5
______2016/06Her Silent Heart and the Open SkyDelta Forceshort stories32016
______2016/07Longing for Eagle CoveEagle Cove3
______2016/07Lost Love Found in Eagle CoveEagle Cove52016
______2016/08Heart StrikeDelta Force2
______2016/08Love Behind the LinesThe Night Stalkers5E short stories12016
______2016/08The Me and Elsie Chronicles (and Jen too)
______2016/08Keepsake for Eagle CoveEagle Cove4
______2016/08The Complete Where DreamsAngelo's Hearth
______2016/09Night and DayThe Night StalkersCSAR32016
______2016/09NSDQThe Night StalkersCSAR1Y
______2016/09The Ides of Matt 2015Ides of Matt2
______2016/09The Complete Eagle CoveEagle Cove
______2016/10What the Heart Holds SafeDelta Forceshort stories42016
______2016/11Together atop Sapphire LookoutFirehawks Lookoutshort stories52016
______2016/11Damien's ChristmasThe Night Stalkers White House6
______2016/12A Hotshot ChristmasFirehawks Hotshotsshort stories52016
______2016/12The Night Stalkers White House: Books 4-6The Night Stalkers White House
______2016/12The Complete Night Stalkers White House: Books 1-6The Night Stalkers White House
______2016/12Wild FireFirehawksMain Flight5
______2017/01Love's Second ChanceDelta Forceshort stories5
______2017/01Target of MineThe Night Stalkers5E3
______2017/04Big Sky Ever AfterHenderson's Ranch3
______2017/02Heart's RefugeThe Night StalkersFuture NS
______2017/03Guardian of the HeartThe Night StalkersCSAR4
______2017/03The Ides of Matt-2016Ides of Matt3
______2017/03Welcome at Henderson's RanchHenderson's Ranch4
______2017/04Flying Over the WavesThe Night Stalkers5E stories2

(dates shown are publication, not composition)