M. L. Buchman

Where Dreams Unfold (sweet)
When They Just Know
Fire at Gray Wolf Lookout
Christmas at Henderson’s Ranch
Roy’s Independence Day
Love in a Copper Light
Reaching Out at Henderson’s Ranch (sweet)
Where Dreams Are Written (sweet)
They Both Hold the Truth
Heart Strike
The Complete Eagle Cove
Beale’s Hawk Down
Reaching Out at Henderson’s Ranch
Lost Love Found in Eagle Cove
Love’s Second Chance
The Complete Eagle Cove (sweet)
Where Dreams Taste Like Chocolate (sweet)
Twice the Heat
Target of the Heart
Longing for Eagle Cove
Love Behind the Lines
Nathan’s Big Sky
Recipe for Eagle Cove (sweet)
Where Dreams Are Sewn (sweet)
Cops and Fathers
The Ides of Matt 2014
One Chef!
Gas Grilled Chef!
Fire Light Cabin Bright
the Me and Elsie Chronicles (and Jen too)
Heart’s Refuge
Longing for Eagle Cove (sweet)
Where Dreams Are Well Done (sweet)
Path of Love: Cinque Terre, Italy
Hot Point
Wildfire Smokejumper Trilogy
Keepsake for Eagle Cove
Circle ‘Round
Nathan’s Big Sky (sweet)
Emily’s Wedding