Ever wonder how audiobooks are made?

I blogged the technical side of that today on that topic over at: https://blog.findawayvoices.com/what-ive-learned-from-recording-25-of-my-own-audiobooks/
BTW, did you know that I have 25 audiobooks and I’m adding more all the time? http://www.mlbuchman.com/audio/
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Free Fiction on the 14th: The Sixth Choice

M.L.’s first-ever YA Fantasy Romance story! Please let him know what you think.

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The Sixth Choice

The Sixth Choice

In a kingdom where a single choice sets a course for life, two teens seek a new choice of their own.

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The final book of the award-nominated, highly reviewed Delta Force romance series.

“Who needs food? Or sleep? Not when I can be reading Buchman!” – Target Engaged, soreadthisbooktoday.com

“M.L. Buchman is such an amazing writer and “Heart Strike” just improves on his powers” – Heart Strike, Night Owl Reviews (5 stars, Top Pick)

“A great read from the contemporary standard-bearer in military romance.” – Wild Justice, Booklist (starred review)


(released today, 10/30. Audio will be available in the next few days.)

Midnight Trust

Midnight Trust

The Delta Force team faces their most dangerous challenge yet. Two sharpshooters, a sexy drug cartel leader with a thirst for vengeance, and the wilds of the Colombian jungle.

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About the Book

-a Delta Force romance-

The best counterterrorism force on the planet.


  • Elite Delta operator—a sniper with a smile •


  • Israeli Mossad operative—the ultimate loner •

Three years ago, they took down a fleet of narco-submarines. Today? Chance and the Colombian Drug War throw them back together. But befriending a sexy cartel leader threatens to tear them right back apart.

From jungle rivers to midnight parachute jumps to illegal gold mining operations, they barely find any time to themselves. But in the stolen moments they
do carve out, the raging heat of their attraction threatens to burn them alive.


Feelings? The last thing either of them want to talk about—Ever!


Series: Audio, Delta Force - audio, Book 4
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Tag: Novel
ISBN: 9781945740961
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Free Fiction on the 14th: Just Shy of a Dream

The Ides of Matt:
A free short story,
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